"What does VASALLO mean?"
The name VASALLO comes from a swimming technique where
high speeds are achieved by swimming low and deep in the water.
Our goal is to support minor sports and their athletes like this approach.


"Make Lacrosse Fun. Make Life Fun"
Vasallo is a Japanese lacrosse company.
We aim to make Lacrosse fun, and at the same time make life fun through lacrosse.


We at Vasallo keep in mind these two concepts

・Connect the world through lacrosse

We are always amazed at how lacrosse can connect people from two different countries.
With one stick, we aim in bringing the world together with the universal language of lacrosse.

・Nurture Japanese lacrosse culture and share it to the world.

The popularity of lacrosse is exploding all over the world. Each country also has a culture wrapped around its lacrosse. We aim to nurture the lacrosse culture in Japan and share it to everyone in the world to enjoy.


Lacrosse originated with roots to North American natives who used it as a ritual, and a way for tribes to solve problem without war. A french explorer saw the sticks they were using and it resembled a "Crosse" (Christian priest's cane), thus calling the sport Lacrosse. Natives to this day, cherish this sport and has called it the medicine game as it soothes the body and mind.